1992-1995 Pontiac Bonneville

How to reach the TDM and install the PRO Full Bypass

the TDM is under the right side of the dash (passenger side, behind glovebox)

  1. Remove the instrument panel Glove Box.
  2. Remove the relay center and the 3 screws from the relay bracket.
  3. Remove the relay center bracket and then the 2 screws to remove the PASS-Key® II module (TDM)  from the bracket (1).
  4. Disconnect the electrical connection(s).


TDM Connector


If the enclosure of your NEWROCKIES PRO Module is green and blue, please setup the switches as following (if enclosure is black, please submit a request to our support team for correct switch configurations): 


Open the NEWROCKIES PRO Module's cover (this will NOT void the warranty) by removing the 2 screws on the bottom. Inside there are 2 sets of switches.


Set SW1 (8 switches) as following:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
off off on off on off on off


Leave SW2 (10 switches) the way it is. Close the PRO Module's cover.


To install the NEWROCKIES PRO Module, connect it as following (the TDM should be left unplugged as it is not needed anymore):


PRO Bypass Car Wires


Attach to the Pink or Pink with a black stripe in pin A2


Attach to the Black in pin B5


Attach to the Yellow with a black stripe in pin A4


Attach to the Blue wire in A3








Do NOT plug back the original TDM. The PRO Full Bypass replaces the TDM.


IMPORTANT: If your car still does not start, please follow the troubleshooting directions for PASSKEY 1/2/3 Systems before contacting our support team. This will make it easier and faster for us to handle your support questions and will enable us to serve you better.


The installation is completed.

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