Passlock 1/2

In case your car is still not starting after installation of the PRO Full Bypass module, please check the following and perform the recommended actions before contacting our support team:


  1. Make sure connector’s pinout and wiring colors of your car are both matching exactly those of our instructions. If not, please Submit a Request to our support team with details of the pinout and wiring colors in your car.
  2. Is the light on the side of the PRO module turning on? If not check power between RED and BLK wires of the PRO module installed and with the key in the ON position (you can use a power-meter or a light) and Submit a Request to our support team with results of the measurement.​
  3. If (1) and (2) are correct, is your vehicle cranking at all? Some systems are disabled due to the nature of the Passlock system and the specifics of the year. If your vehicle is not cranking, see if the starter relay (often in the under hood fuse block) clicks with the key turned to crank. You will need a second person to turn the key to crank while holding your finger on the starter relay.
  4. After you perform this test, or if you need our help to find the starter relay in your car, please Submit a Request to our technical support team detailing the tests you have done and the results.

  5. If the car is cranking, but engine doesn’t start or sometimes starts but immediately dies then do the following:
    1. Make sure the YELLOW wire of the PRO bypass is correctly connected and the connection is tight, and that you cut only the wire or wires indicated in the instructions, and on the proper side of the splice.
    2. Open the cover of the PRO Module and make sure the switches SW1 and SW2 are set exactly as indicated in the instructions for your car model/year, otherwise change them accordingly. Try starting the car.
  6. If during the relearn the battery went dead, or you turned the key off too soon, do the following.
    1. Take the battery cables off the battery, hold the ends together for 10 seconds then attach them to the battery.
    2. Try the relearn again with a charger or booster attached so the battery doesn’t run down. Be sure to cycle the key fully to start each time, then only release it to run and wait the time indicated.
    3. Also be sure the key was turned off for more than 30 seconds afterwards.

If car is still not starting or if you have any questions or concerns please Submit a Request to our technical support team detailing the tests you have done and the results.

NOTE: when contacting our support team, please always indicate your car’s make, model and year.

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