1992-1996 Chevrolet Corvette

The CCM is the module that manages the security and can be found behind the center of the Instrument Panel Cluster.



Disconnect harness connectors from the CCM.


On the CCM there are 2 connectors (C1, C2).



To install the Full bypass connect in the following way:


PRO Bypass         

Car Wires


Make a 3 wire splice to the CCM Connector C2, Pin E5 (PNK)


Make a 3 wire splice  to the BLK/WHT in Connector C2, pin E16


Not Used


Not Used


Cut the WHT/BLK in Connector C2, Pin E12 and connect this YEL wire to the WHT/BLK wire going into the CCM


Make a 3 wire splice  to the PPL/WHT in Connector C2, Pin F5


Plug the CCM connector back in and connect the battery.

Be sure the light on the side of Pro Bypass module lights when  the key is turned on if there is no light then the Red or Black wire are not getting the power and ground if the light is on then follow the directions below:


Turn off the key and open the PRO Module cover (this will NOT void the warranty) by removing the 2 screws on the bottom. Inside there are 2 sets of switches.


  1. Set SW1 (8 switches) as following:



  1. Set SW2 (10 switches) as indicated in the first row of the table below.



  1. Try to start the engine. If engine starts then replace the cover on the PRO Module, the installation is completed. Otherwise if the engine still doesn’t start, turn off the key and remove it from the tumbler, wait 4 minutes and then continue with step #4 here below.
  2. Repeat step #3 above, but with SW2 as in row 2 of the table, then if still doesn’t start repeat again with SW2 as in row 3 of the table and so on until the right code is found and the engine will start.

IMPORTANT: If your car still does not start, please follow the troubleshooting directions for Hybrid Systems before contacting our support team. This will make it easier and faster for us to handle your support questions and will enable us to serve you better.​​


The installation is completed.

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