2005-2009 Pontiac G5, Chevrolet Cobalt​, HHR


To locate the bcm:


Remove the right console trim panel

The Bcm is located behind this cover we just need access to the plugs


We need 3 plugs to connect the pro bypass the pictures below give the pin numbers of the plugs


                                        Plug C1 Gray        


Plug C2 Grey


Plug C4 Grey



If the enclosure of your NEWROCKIES PRO Module is green and blue, please setup the switches as following (if enclosure is black, please submit a request to our support team for correct switch configurations): 


Open the NEWROCKIES PRO Module's cover (this will NOT void the warranty) by removing the 2 screws on the bottom. Inside there are 2 sets of switches.


Set SW1 (8 switches) as following:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
off off off on on off off on


Leave SW2 (10 switches) the way it is. Close the PRO Module's cover.


To install the NEWROCKIES PRO Module, connect it as following:


Pro Bypass

Vehicle Wires


Splice into BROWN wire at the BCM Connector C4 Pin C8


Splice into BLACK with WHITE stripe wire at the BCM connector C1 Pin 64. If there are 2 blacks, both splice here.


Splice into YELLOW wire at the BCM Connector C4 Pin D3




Splice to WHITE wire at BCM connector C2 pin 56




Cut WHITE with BLACK stripe wire at the BCM connector C2 Pin 62 a couple inches from connector so you have room to connect the brown wire to the wire coming from the connector





  1. Turn ON the ignition, with the engine OFF.
  2. Attempt to start the engine, then release the key to ON, vehicle will not start.
  3. Observe the SECURITY telltale. After approximately 10 minutes, the telltale will turn OFF.
  4. Turn OFF the ignition, and wait 5 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 two more times for a total of 3 cycles/30 minutes. The vehicle is now ready to relearn the Passlock Sensor Data Code and/or passwords on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK.
  6. Important: The vehicle learns the password on the next ignition switch transition from OFF to CRANK. You must turn the ignition OFF before attempting to start the vehicle.
  7. Start the engine. The vehicle has now learned the password.


IMPORTANT: If your car still does not start, please follow the troubleshooting directions for Passlock 300 Systems before contacting our support team. This will make it easier and faster for us to handle your support questions and will enable us to serve you better.


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